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  Expanded Metal with Technical Information
  Deploye is more than just a metal fabricating company.
  We are a team of professional employees working dedicatedly as one. Our single goal is to deliver the latest expanded metal sheet, expanded wire mesh, expanded metal screen, expanded metal fences in carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, also expanded metal processed constructional materials including metal lath and angle bead, to our customers ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Standard Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal as it comes off the machine. The strands and bonds are set at a uniform angle to the plane of the sheet giving a dimensoinal appearance to the finished product. This also adds strength and rigidity , allows air circulation, as well as making a skid resistant surface. This is the original and most popular type of expanded mesh with the familiar diamond shaped opening.
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Flattened Expanded Metal

Manufactured by passing the raised expanded sheet though heavy rolls that flatten the sheet, the bonds and strands are turned down to produce a overall level surface.

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Expanded Metal Grating

Grating is a raised expanded metal pattern produced from heavier gauge low carbon steel plates. The strands and openings are considerably larger than the other meshes. Ideal for use whenever a strong durable and lightweight surface is required.

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Decorative Patterns Expanded metal

Specially designed expanded metal for use in architectural and decorated applications. These designs can be used to provide privacy and control light and air while allowing visibility. Sun screens, room dividers and building facades are only few of the design possibilities.

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Mild Steel Expanded Metal Sheet

Mild Steel Expanded Metal

Expanded mild steel / carbon steel is the most popular expanded metal products. This type of sheet metal product usually goes with a surface treatment of hot dipped galvanizing. In this way, the expanded steel metal mesh gets a bright surface as well as a good corrosion resistance property. Light type expanded steel is used as ventilation screen, decorative grille and metal lathing materials. Heavy type expanded metal steel is widely used as gratings and floors in construction of ships and other platforms.

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