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Perforated Metal  
Deploye is more than just a metal fabricating company. We are a team of professional employees working dedicatedly as one. Our single goal is to deliver the latest expanded metal sheet, expanded wire mesh, expanded metal screen, expanded metal fences in carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, also expanded metal processed constructional materials including metal lath and angle bead, to our customers ensuring their complete satisfaction.

That's our Vision of Service.

A new series of expanded meshes designed to replicate the circular patterns of perforated metals.

Perforated Metal Features

  • Visually comparable appearance to round perforated metal patterns
  • Solid and ribbon areas with-in and on the borders
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Choose from a growing number of Ex-Perforated metal patterns
  • Custom-made Ex-Perforated metal patterns can be designed to your specification
  • Good acoustic properties
  • Open areas ranging from 36% to 70%
  • Hole diameters from .110"-.475"
  • Available in most material types and finishes
  • Samples available on request

Perforated Metal Benefits

  • Cost effective alternative to perforated metals
  • Less material waste during manufacturing, you don't pay for the holes like in perforated
  • Key material for filtration
  • Available in flat and raised forms
  • Highly versatile product for shaping, cutting, cylindrical and tube forming
  • Maximum strength and value


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