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  Expanded Metals with Technical Information
Expanded Metal Uses  

The diversity which expanded materials inherently have to offer as a replacement for most perforated, woven/welded wire and other open area materials makes the uses for expanded metals and plastics limitless.


• Offer the most comprehensive collection of expanded metals and plastics. 

• Pattern choices ranging from as small as .020" up to 8" from precision tooling in square, hexagonal, round, ornamental, edging and walkway patterns.

• Available in any ductile material including precious and rare metals are available in raised, semi-flat and flattened forms.

• Edgings available to compliment our expanded materials. They are used to make our products even more functional, adding value while enhancing appearance.

1. Industrial Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal Industrial Meshes
Projection Mesh 

2. Specialty Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal Pattern Mesh
Ornamental Expanded Metal Pattern Mesh

3. Light to Medium Duty Expanded Metal Meshes
Diamond Expanded Metal Pattern Mesh
Square Expanded Metal Pattern Mesh
Hexagonal Expanded Metal Pattern Mesh

4. Fence & Security Products 
Diamond Fencing 
Infrastructure Fencing
 Expanded Metal Accessories

Our Products
Mild Steel Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal - Industrial Meshes
Expanded metal gratings
Projection Mesh Grating
Expanded Metal - Decorative Meshes
Diamond Pattern Expanded Metal Mesh
Square Pattern Expanded Metal Mesh
Hexagonal Pattern Expanded Metal Mesh
Round Pattern Expanded Metal Mesh
architectural expanded metal
Expanded Metal Fence & Security Products
High Ribbed Formwork
Rib Lath
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